Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mars in Capricorn

Absolutely beautiful visualizations.... It's so Piscean. Actually more like Mars in Pisces. So feel like you're transcending as you watch them turn all different type of colors. The fluorescent and neon lights would make Limelight circa 1992 proud.  Neptune is the king of the sea and Neptune rules Pisces and what that means is:   That's the planet associated with Pisces and every sign of the zodiac has one.  I felt like I was meditating watching this....Pisces are the ocean.  (Neptune) This was a very spiritual video if you look at it long enough. A man or woman who has Mars in Pisces in their Natal Chart can walk into a room and absorb everyone's energies if they want to. A Mars in Pisces is usually Romantic, Artistic and into photography or music in some way. They are giving with the purest of intentions. They are also inspirational partners.

David Gallo shows underwater astonishments | Video on

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